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Simply the best.....

Best thing I could have ever done for my Great Dane Lucy. She is a new dog thanks to my trainers. They are great people and have a special connection and love for animals that you have to see to believe. I never really realized how much joy my dog gets from making me happy through Obedience. We have recently acquired another Great Dane and will we have already lined up another 2 week board and stay for our new baby girl. Thank you again for loving our fur babies as much as we do. Simply the best…..
Stephen W
Stephen W.  // Verified Google Review

Highly recommend!!

My trainers are the BEST!! Our dog, Sandor, is a lab-husky with very aggressive -protective tendencies. We would be lost without the help of Off the Leash. They’ve helped give us a solid foundation on how to care and train for Sandor, and are so helpful and patient when he needs some extra training with them. If you didn’t know, they offer boarding as well and we will only leave our dog in their care. A MUCH better alternative to other boarding facilities, as he stays with his trainers, gets to play, exercise, and some extra love from people we trust. Highly recommend!!
Alexandra S

Kirk P.  // Verified Google Review

You won’t regret this decision

I would most definitely recommend Off Leash K9 Training for your dog. My German Shepherd/Husky began her board and train with anxiety, terrible leash manners, and wouldn’t listen to basic commands outside of “sit”. Now she holds “place”, walks well on a leash/off leash, and listens to all commands.

Her anxiety is much better! I was in constant communication with the trainer getting videos and picture updates during her stay with him. The best part is, they come with lifetime guarantee if they ever need “sprucing”. You won’t regret this decision.

Jena B
Jena B.   // Verified Google Review

very professional

I am fostering a Shar-Pei mix that came to me without any training and was being rehomed due to an issue with a child in the home. Once in my home and after decompressing, she showed tendencies of resource guarding and I was forced to keep her separated from my pack of 3 dogs and 5 cats. Because of the breed dynamic, I realized in order to find her fur-ever home, she needed lots of training and I needed to get past the breed stubbornness trait, so I contacted OLK9 of Sarasota to discuss.

Our trainers were both very professional. The level of care he has taken to make sure Rosie is not overtaxed during training, and to train me to train her without undo stress to her has been outstanding. Rosie is like a new animal, and she went from never listening to sitting at my side without being asked, coming when called and excited to go for a walk, versus pulling back on the leash, digging her paws into the ground, sitting or laying – and in general, a royal pain in the butt!

We are 3 weeks into our 8 week training, and I am so excited about the level of difference my trainer has helped me make in Rosie’s life already. It can only get better from here! I highly recommend them to anyone with an out of control, stubborn dog.

Robin B

Robin B.  // Verified Google Review

I was shocked at the results

Omg love them so much. Not only knowledgeable but they are super fast at answering all my questions! This is the place if you want a well behaved dog! My dog went through the two week board and train program and I was shocked at the results.

They sent me updates everyday and when I got my dog back after two weeks he was a new dog! Before training Jax wouldn’t listen to anything and now he’s perfect! He’s still a happy playful puppy but he listens to commands and doesn’t jump on people anymore! Thank you guys

Chelsea C.   // Verified Google Review

Well worth the investment

A great trainer; patient, thorough and effective. Our very excited GS responded great to his training and we are able to take her out for walks without any issues now! I highly recommend this company!!!!! Well worth the investment to have a great companion.

Joy B.   // Verified Google Review

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